Fitness Challenges

We will be offering 4 Fitness Challenges to all participants throughout the year. Certificates will be awarded to those who participate & achieve the challenge requirements.

November: Splits Challenge
Be as flexible as a wish bone. Take the month of November to practice your splits – left leg, right leg & straddle splits. One of those 3 must come within 3 inches of the floor to be awarded a Splits Certificate. Good Luck!
February: Cardio Challenge
Sprint for your heart in February. This challenge asks you to run your fastest in February. Take a month to practice. The last week of February we will time your 60 yard sprint. Can you do it in 7 seconds or less? Ready, Set, GO!
March: Biceps/Triceps Challenge
The month of March is the time to work on those arms. Climb the rope, OR do 10 assisted chin-ups or pull-ups, OR 2 long hang chin-ups to gain this challenge.
May: Abs Challenge
Donít you want to look buff in that bikini at the beach this summer? Take the Abs challenge in May & you will be sure to have 6 pack Abs in that swimsuit! You must do 30 sit-ups, OR 30 v-ups, OR 30 crunches in 30 seconds to achieve this challenge. Give it a try!

Additional Awards:

Did You See My Cartwheel?
I Got My Back Handspring!
I Can Do A Hip Pullover!
Got My Roll on Beam!