Description of Classes

Moms, Pops, & Tots (45 minutes)
Ages 18 months to 3 years
This is an interactive program for adult caregivers with their toddlers. Mom, Dad or caregiver comes into class with their child. We will start with jumping on the Tumble Trak (a long narrow tramp). Then we will do a short stretch & strength warm-up – about 10 minutes. An obstacle course is next & will concentrate on climbing, jumping, & balancing skills. Our last rotation will be on an piece of gymnastics equipment – bars, beam, vault, or floor.
Bronze Medallists (55 minutes)
Ages 3 – 4 years
This is your child’s first introduction to class on their own. We start with a stretch & strength warm-up. We will do 2 gymnastics equipment rotations each class, which will continue to stress climbing, jumping & balancing skills, as well as an introduction to gymnastics skills on each piece of equipment. We will end with about 5 minutes of conditioning for strength & endurance.
Silver Medallists (55 minutes)
Ages 5 – 6 years
As with the Bronze Class, we will start with a stretch & strength warm-up, then proceed to 2 gymnastics rotations. Gymnastics skills will increase in complexity, & positive encouragement will be stressed with each child to “achieve their all.” 5 minutes of conditioning will end this class.
Gold Medallists (55 minutes)
Ages 7 & up
As with the Bronze & Silver classes, we will start with a stretch & strength warm-up & 2 gymnastics rotations. This class will challenge each individual to excel in their abilities. Significant time will be spent on attaining mastery in gymnastics skills, such as the back handspring. As with the other classes, the last few minutes will be spent in conditioning for strength & endurance.
Home School Pre-teens (55 minutes)
A special time for Home School Co-ops to bring their Pre-teens ages 6 – 11 for gymnastics training. Includes all the training of the Gold Medallist program.
Home School Teens (55 minutes)
A Home School program geared to the needs of teens 12 – 18 years old. All training geared to older children’s needs.
Stretch & Strength (55 minutes)
This class is available to individuals or families & concentrates on building flexibility & strength for the whole body. It also includes a cardio station. Class time will concentrate on instruction of the stations, stressing proper body position & alignment. A series of stations will be set up each week. A specific area of the body will be featured each week, however you may choose to do a whole body workout at any time. Additionally, Open Workout is available several hours a week for Stretch & Strength participants.
You must be signed up for a Stretch & Strength class to participate in Open Workout. Children must be 5 or older & must be supervised & accompanied by their caregiver at all times.

Sample Class Rotation

Moms, Pops, & Tots 4 Week Rotation:

Bronze, Silver, & Gold 4 Week Rotation

  Rotation 1 Rotation 2
Week 1 Vault Bars
Week 2 Beam Floor
Week 3 Bars Tumble Trak
Week 4 Beam Floor

Stretch & Strength 4 Week Features